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The Best Facebook Games You’ll Want to Play

With the rise of social media, connecting with our long lost friends and family members has become much easier. But searching for and connecting with those around us isn’t the only benefit that social media has. It brings us many wonderful new things such as shopping and selling, marketing, and even gaming. 

Known for having some of the best online games, Facebook is here to fulfill all your social media needs. You may be thinking that Facebook games are only for young kids to play, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Once you explore our list of these top-rated Facebook games, you might be surprised at how addicting they become. 

For some of the best Facebook games that you won’t want to miss out on continue reading below. We’ve put together a list of games ranging from classics you already love with a new spin to brand new challenges that are just as fun.

Criminal Case

Do you enjoy watching criminal case shows on the television? If so, then it’s time to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and get ready to solve some cases! Criminal Case is a Facebook game that can also be played on mobile devices.

The cases are sometimes quite brutal in this game and cover murders, robberies, and more. You’ll be on the lookout for any hidden clues to help solve the case that is given to you. Once you solve a case, you move on to the next level where things become more challenging as you go.

If playing detective sounds like a task for you, then you’ll want to check out Criminal Case. It currently has a monthly user base of 10 million users, which just goes to show how exciting the game truly is.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is among the most popular Facebook games as it has around 50 million users each month. This is an extremely addicting game and for good reason. Players must use their mind skills to find ways to align the candy pieces correctly and score points. 

It’s a fairly easy game, but it includes lots of levels making it ultimately never-ending. It’s an awesome puzzle game and if you align the same color candies in different patterns or shapes, you’ll get power-ups that help you blast through the candies. If you enjoy puzzles, then this game is a perfect match for you. 


Ah, here’s a nice classic. Chess on Facebook is an awesome spin on an old classic. With the Facebook version of this game, you can play against bots, other players around the world, or even your friends and family online. 

If you enjoy playing chess, then you’ll enjoy playing it on Facebook as well. What’s even better about this version is that you can choose between different game modes when playing which include Classic, Time Attack, and Blitz. Each mode offers its own style of the game, and you’ll enjoy playing a nice game with an old friend who you might not be able to meet up with in person. 

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is another game for those puzzle-loving players. It’s similar to Candy Crush but still makes our list as it’s a much more difficult game than Candy Crush. It’s played the same way, however, the levels are harder and the time given to you to complete them is shorter. 

If you’ve started out playing Candy Crush and are ready for more of a challenge, then check out Bejeweled Blitz. It’s the perfect time killer while waiting for an appointment or relaxing at home. 

Dragon City

For those with a more imaginative mind, Dragon City is a newer game that you might grow to love. In this game, you’ll create your own dragons in a magical and fairytale-like world. You’ll use your dragons to compete and fight against your Facebook friends. 

As you win challenges and continue to create an amazing dragon, you’ll move up in levels. 

Trivia Crack

Are you a trivia guru? Do you have a lot of knowledge on random topics? If so, then you might enjoy putting this skill to use in Trivia Crack.

Trivia Crack is a super addicting game where you compete against other players (your friends and family) to answer random trivia questions. This quiz game offers trivia questions in six different categories and they are as follows: Sports, Science, Technology, Arts and Literature, History and Geography, and Entertainment. 

It’s a fun competition against your friends, and you’ll learn something new each day that you play. 

8 Ball Pool

Were you once a pool shark not to be reckoned with? Do you still have that power within you? If you’re ready to put your skills to the test, then get ready to play 8 Ball Pool Top. 

This virtual pool game is one of the best out there and is completely free to play. Lots of the players are dedicated to the game so be ready for a challenge.

Top 11 Football Manager

In the Top 11 Football Manager game, your part is to act as a club manager. It’s your job to create an awesome football club. This is a great game for those who love sports and strategy. 

Get ready to train players, play against opponents, and devise strategies. In this game, if you want to reach the top, it’ll take a lot of devoted time and effort. 

These Facebook Games Are Worth a Shot

When debating about trying some Facebook games out, these listed above are worth your time. Although some might not be the classic games that we’ve already grown to love, they are great games to play that you might even find yourself addicted to!

For any Facebook questions that you may have, be sure to ask a Facebook Expert, and we’ll have the answers you’re looking for!

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