forgotten facebook password and email

What To Do About a Forgotten Facebook Password and Email

Forgot your Facebook password? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

At the rate that people are forgetting their passwords, it may as well be a competitive sport. About 21% of users forget their password in as soon as two weeks, while 25% forget at least one password once a day.

In many cases, it’s easy to reset the password – as long as they still have their username or email. But what if you don’t have your email, too?

That’s going to be a problem, but it’s not unsolvable. Keep on reading to learn how you can recover your account with a forgotten Facebook password and email.

Dealing With a Forgotten Facebook Password and Email

Have a forgotten Facebook password and email? Don’t panic yet – we’ll walk you through the different processes of recovering your account.

1. Reset Your Password

This tip only applies if you still have access to your email or phone registered on your account. Facebook will give you a code that allows you to reset your password through your email or phone. If not, proceed to the end of this tip.

First, click the link that says “Forgot account?” It should be right underneath the boxes where you enter your username and password.

It will take you to the Find Your Account page. It will ask for the email or phone number connected to the account you’re trying to access. You can also use your username (the one at the end of the link to your profile) to find your account. 

When it finds your account, it will give you a list of recovery options. You can ask for it to send you a recovery code via email or SMS, for instance.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method, take note of the code you’ll receive. You’ll enter it on the next page to regain access.

Alternatively, you can click a link in the email that allows you to change your password.

Either way, it’s strongly recommended you change your password to something you’re more likely to remember next time.

If you’ve realized you don’t have access to any of the email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account, click “Didn’t get a code?” It will take you back to the previous screen, where you can then click “No longer have access to these?”

2. Ask Your Trusted Contacts for the Code

Did you set up trusted contacts? If so, you can get a code from them you can use to access your account.

When you click the “No longer have access to these?” link, you’ll get taken to a page requesting your new email address or phone number that you can access. Facebook says they’ll use this to contact you further about recovering your account.

After this, you can click “Reveal my Trusted Contacts.” These are the contacts you assigned previously; so if don’t have any assigned, you can proceed to the next tip.

If you have, Facebook will ask you to name at least one of the three to five contacts you chose. You also have to send them all a recovery link, which will give them a code once they click it.

Each friend will give you a code, but you only need three to recover your account. When you enter three correct codes, you will gain access to your Facebook account.

3. Regain Access to Your Email Account

When you don’t have Trusted Contacts, Facebook won’t give you the option to reset your password by answering security questions anymore. When you click the “No longer have access to these?” link, you’ll only see the message that reads “No Email Access” followed by an apology because they won’t be able to verify your identity without it.

In other words, you’re in tough luck – you won’t be able to access it another way. That’s why regaining access to the email account is worth trying. 

This tip only works if you still remember your email address. In that case, head on over to your email ad provider and try to log in. It has its own set of procedures for people who forgot their password. 

If that’s successful, then go back to tip no. 1, then change your email, password, and phone number in your settings.

4. Report Your Compromised Account

If someone – who’s not you – is using your account to scam people or post spam while you can’t access it, report it as compromised.

Open Facebook’s “Hacked” or “Report Compromised Account” page. Then, click the “Compromised” button.

It will also ask for the email address or phone number associated with your account so Facebook can find it. When it does, you can enter your current or any old password if the hacker changed it.

Click “Continue,” and it will take you to a page asking you what made you think your account’s hacked. It has a list of options; choose the most appropriate one and click the “Continue” button.

Facebook will then urge you to change your password and do other steps to keep your account secure. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Other Ways to Recover Your Email and Password

Aside from the official ways you can recover your account through Facebook, you can try to reclaim your email address and/or password via other means.

For one, check your browser. You may have enabled it to remember your login credentials on websites. If you did, you’re in luck because it will show you both your username and password.

First, go to the Settings page, then go to the Privacy and Security (or your browser’s version of it). Find the section that stores all your login info and then click the button that allows you to view the password. 

If all else fails, you can try to contact Facebook support directly to explain your situation. Don’t place too much hope in that, though.

Do This After Getting Back Access to Your Account

If any of these worked, then good for you. However, you now have the responsibility of securing your account so this won’t happen again. Update your email address, phone number, and password.

Set up your Trusted Contacts, too, so if you have again a forgotten Facebook password and email, you’ll have an easier time then.

Need more help? Feel free to visit our Facebook Help center

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