How to Get More Facebook Followers

How to Get More Facebook Followers for Your Business Page

One assumes that you are reading this post on how to get more Facebook followers because you have set up your pages correctly, ensured everything is public, and you have started posting. One also assumes that you have done everything right so far, and now you want to know how to ramp up your visitor, view, and new-follower counts.

This article doesn’t offer spammy methods for throwing petrol on the fire for a quick burst. This article offers ways to tend, poke, and feed the fire so it grows over the long term.

How to Get More Facebook Followers Using Groups

Groups on Google Plus were the only reason that social media network went as long as it did. Sadly, Facebook doesn’t do groups as well, but they do pay off for people who are willing to invest lots of time into them.

The first step is finding the right ones for you. These are groups that attract your target audience. You also need to find groups that are both active and have a healthy number of followers.

You also need to consider the admins and what they allow. Some will allow spammers to ruin the group, and others are so strict that they will kick you off if you post a link or dare to write something that is even remotely “ism.” Even something innocuous like how the Chinese symbol for sadness looks like a man with big eyes smiling.

Then, it is just a case of gathering followers using the 80/20 rule. Around 80% of your posts should be group-topic related, and 20% should be topic-related with links to your Facebook Fan page.

Text-Only Just Doesn’t Cut It

While learning how to get more followers on Facebook page and business pages, you will start to notice how text-only posts are seemingly ineffective when it comes to getting new Facebook followers. With the exception of a minority, such as a business page that offers funny quotes from old comedians, there is really no place for a text-only strategy.

Your Facebook fan page needs a good variety: posts that are long and short; that use text only, videos only; and images only. The most effective posters are the ones who mix it up. Posting the same type of content with the same format may work well on blogs, but it seems to fall flat on Facebook, especially if the posts are text-only.

Should You Buy Facebook Followers?

In a perfect world, you could buy Facebook followers to get your Facebook pages started and give them a little credibility. However, if you have ever tried it, you will know the painful frustration that comes with it.

After trawling company websites and freelance sites, all I received were offers for very poor quality returns. In short, if you ever wanted to get yourself banned from Facebook, these were the companies and freelancers that would do it for you.

So, I took a detailed approach and received new offers from freelancers. I remember a very long offer that promised plenty, so I asked how she intended to complete the things she offered. She replied, “By organic methods.” That was all she wrote. I asked another freelancer some more pointed and detailed questions, including things I didn’t want him to do, and his reply was. “I will use other methods.”

Unless you enjoy frustration, do not buy Facebook followers unless you know and trust the seller.

Getting Help from Marketing Companies

Your options are broad if you decide to pay for help. You can pay for things such as Facebook boosts, which is where you pay money to have your business page advert splattered across other people’s news feeds.

Plus, there are large American consultancy firms that cost a fortune but can guarantee results. Then there are smaller marketing business and Facebook help businesses that can also drive new followers to your business pages.

Engage Every Day with Likes, Shares and Comments

The web articles that tell you to post every day do not have your best interests at heart. Within three months, you will have run so dry of content that you will be rewriting whatever you find in the first page of Google.

Twitter and Facebook used to reward people who posted every day, but now they reward those who engage every day. By all means, if you have good content, then post it on your page, and post it on carefully-chosen Facebook groups. However, engaging is what works.

Engaging means scrolling through other people’s stories, through group posts, and comments. It means making comments, clicking like, and sharing.

Let’s say you are tracking your new-follower count and your view count. Do not go on Facebook for a week, and notice how your new-follower count and your view count starts to drop radically.

You Can Get Lucky If You Engage

Do not rely solely on posts on groups or posts on your Facebook Fan page. For example, I post and engage fairly regularly, but my most recent new-follower surge came after I made a comment in a Rick & Morty group.

The other person’s post was about how much of a loser the character Jerry was. I made the comment, “Awww, some of the Jerry moments are the best ones, like the time the wind calls him a loser.”

The comment I made received epic levels of attention that somehow filtered back to my business page. Did I get lucky? Yes, but I got lucky because I was engaging with the social media network.

Summing Up – Engage with The Social Network

Figuring out how to get more Facebook followers is less about strategy and more about engagement. There will be times when some posts seem to generate massive amounts of attention, and yet other similar posts have no impact at all. The more you engage, then the more chance you have of stimulating new interest. Even simple comments can draw people to you.

Developing a strong foundation of Facebook followers is difficult over the long term. Our help tool is here to provide answers that will help you succeed over the long term.

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