how to memorialize a facebook account

How to Memorialize a Facebook Account

The last thing that comes to mind when a loved one dies is their Facebook account. But, knowing how to memorialize a Facebook account may be an essential part of organizing you or your loved one’s affairs. 

It may also be a therapeutic part of the grieving process. Grief is a complex state of being. Grief morphs and changes over time and the stages of grief can vary.

Sometimes what we need most is a sense of closure. To start, we need to understand what the death of a loved one means to us emotionally. We also need to determine how the financial aspects of their death will be handled.

But, the Digital Age also requires us to get our online presence in order. The internet, unfortunately, is full of scammers and hackers looking to make a quick buck. These con artists may attempt to take advantage of a Facebook account after someone passes on. 

They may attempt to steal data, scam your Facebook friends, or pretend to be the deceased individual.

Read on to learn how to memorialize your Facebook account to aid in the grieving process and prevent scam artists from taking advantage. 

Protection During Grief: How to Memorialize a Facebook Account

Online scams are on the rise. Scammers are becoming more and more clever and sinister when it comes to their tactics. These scammers prey on the fears and hopes of others to con them out of their hard earned money.

And, Facebook isn’t the only online medium you’ll need to be concerned about. You’ll also need a plan to get your email, online bank accounts, and other social media accounts in order. Email scams are particularly common in this day and age, so it’s essential that you either close down your account entirely or provide your login information to a loved one upon your passing. 

Taking these steps to get your online affairs in order will help to make you feel more at ease. It will also protect your loved ones and friends once you pass on. Explore the following steps to understand how to memorialize a Facebook account after you or your loved passes on. 

1. Legacy Contact Versus Memorializing a Facebook Account

Selecting a Legacy Contact is an alternative to memorializing a Facebook account. Choosing a Legacy Contact occurs before one’s death whereas memorialization occurs after. Having a Legacy Contact gives you more control of what happens to your Facebook account once you pass away. 

It allows your Legacy Contact to continue accepting friend requests on your memorialized account, update your profile information, and alter your profile picture and cover photo. They will not be able to access your private messages on Facebook, however. 

With your permission, your Legacy Contact can also download your Facebook data. Your Facebook data includes your photos, timeline posts, and profile information. 

Memorializing a Facebook account can occur if you don’t select a Legacy Contact. Your family member will contact Facebook notifying them of your death, and then your account name will be changed to “Remembering” and then your name. 

Memorializing your Facebook account prevents anyone from logging into or altering your Facebook account and settings. This prevents hackers from taking over the account and accessing information.

2. Legacy Contact: Facebook Settings

To select a Legacy Contact, go to your Facebook settings. Select “Security” under these settings and then “Legacy Contact.” You’ll then click “edit” and be prompted to select a Legacy Contact from your Facebook friends list. 

Type in the person’s name and select them from the list by clicking “add”. At this time, you can send the person a private message notifying them of their Legacy Contact status. This is optional, however, so you can also discuss this with them in-person or at a later time. 

Lastly, you’ll need to decide whether you want your Legacy contact to be able to download your Facebook data. Under “Data Archive Permission” select the box if you want them to be able to download your data.

3. Memorialize Account Form and Documentation

If a loved one passed on and did not select a Legacy Contact prior to their death, then you’ll be able to memorialize their account. To do so, you’ll need to fill out this form on Facebook.

You’ll also need to provide Facebook with your loved one’s name and date of death. You’ll also have the option to provide Facebook with proof of death, but this isn’t mandatory.

4. Deleting an Account after Death

The third option to memorialize a Facebook account is to request deletion of the account. To do so, you’ll need to fill out the same form provided above. However, you’re required to also provide proof that you are an immediate family member of the deceased Facebook user.

To do this, you can provide Facebook with a birth certificate, proof of authority, or a death certificate.

Date of death, email address of the deceased, and their full name and Facebook URL are also required. If you have a question or concern, then get Facebook support for individualized help. 

Getting Your Affairs in Order: How to Memorialize a Facebook Account

Thinking about our own mortality can sometimes make us feel sad and fearful. But, it’s a fact of life that we must all face at one time. By knowing how to memorialize a Facebook account, your online social media presence will be safer for all. 

If you choose to designate a Legacy Contact instead of memorializing your Facebook account, then have an in-depth discussion with this person. Let them know about your wishes regarding your Facebook and how you would like to be remembered online. Doing so can provide you with a sense of relief and control knowing that your memory will be honored. 

If you or a loved one is making your final arrangements and getting your affairs in order, then seek out help. Consider speaking with a therapist or a member of the religious community. You should also consider speaking with a lawyer about your will.

There are also many grief support groups to help you cope. Seek out an online group or a group in your community to gain the emotional support you need. These groups can help you to feel understood and not alone during the grieving process. 

Would you like to discuss how to memorialize a Facebook account directly with Facebook support? Check out our blog post to learn how to contact Facebook support chat. 

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