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9 Useful Tips on How to Promote an Event on Facebook

Creating successful events is a question everybody seems to ask.

If you’re looking to promote your event, Facebook is one of the best ways to do so.

But creating an event is not as simple as just putting your ticket up and watching them sell out.

Just last year, Facebook reported that 47 million events were created. Promoting an event takes work and making an event that stands out requires serious effort.

Need some help with Facebook? Below are some tips on how to promote an event the right way.

1. Showcase Your Event On Facebook Pages

In order to get the reach you need, you should optimize your page to showcase any events.

You can start by making your event tab one of the first tabs that are shown on your page’s timeline. Doing so makes it easy for people to find what events are listed on your calendar and they can see the full spectrum of events going on.

Change the order of any events using the manage tabs option in the drop-down menu. If you’re on a desktop, you can also choose to order sections that are in the left-hand column. Doing so can make events appear right at the top.

Manage the order by pressing the pencil icon that appears as you put the mouse over the section.

2. Share Facebook Events

A really powerful but simple way to promote your events is by sharing events straight to your page. You can share events by clicking the drop-down section on the invite and then clicking share to page.

Another thing that is worth looking at is seeing if any registration partners you have will allow you to become an official event on Facebook.

Doing so can make your event qualify for better recommendations in the newsfeed and it can appear more easily in searches.

3. Highlight Event Calendars

Promoting all of your events on Facebook simultaneously is a great idea, and showcasing a calendar of events can be done quite easily.

You can share your calendar in a post with a link to the list of events you have upcoming.

Do this by going to your events tab and then clicking share events. This will make your post include a preview of the latest upcoming events by default. You can also send this link to the channels, such as fan clubs or mailing lists.

4. Sharing Fresh Content To Create Buzz

For the people that have already signed up for your event, sharing content can be a great way to further make them look forward to it.

You can share pre-event content to those already coming to your next date in your calendar. This will engage them even more and makes the most excited members of the audience likely to share your event.

This also rewards your most loyal members of the audience as they get to see content that is specifically pre-selected for them.

5. Adding Events Across Pages

Many people often are involved in the promotion and organization of an event.

Creating duplicate events can be messy – the best way to share events across pages is to add an event to another page’s calendar on their official page.

You can do this by selecting more on the drop-down that is right next to the invite prompt. Then you should select add the page.

This strategy works particularly well if you have sponsors or artists that are very well-known that are involved with the event you’re putting on.

After the event has been added to the calendar, their audiences can also find out about it. This makes the promotion a group effort and is a clever way of cross-pollination.

6. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a fantastic tool for event creators. They work so well because you are able to fine-tune who you target with campaigns. You can segment your audiences by different criteria, including age, gender, and location, plus many more.

Another brilliant feature that you can use with Facebook is custom audiences. This allows you to use email addresses or website traffic as sources of targeting for your ads.

7. Selling Directly Via Facebook

Promotion on Facebook can be very varied. However, a powerful opportunity that you shouldn’t leave on the table is selling your tickets directly on the platform.

This integration is particularly clever because it means you do not have to leave the site to purchase tickets. Facebook has also found out that events sold directly on Facebook tend to have twice as many views as normal.

8. Keep Up-to-date With Events Changes

Facebook has a knack of changing its events every day, and the practices by which you promote an event can change week on week. You should make it your prerogative to see the new changes Facebook has implemented in order to stay on top of promoting your event effectively.

9. Utilize Channels Alongside Facebook

People looking for events to attend will often use more than one channel. Whilst promoting on Facebook is a very powerful technique, using another platform alongside Facebook can give you maximum reach.

You can also use them to link to Facebook itself in order to maximize the registration of events and attendees.

Email marketing is also particularly powerful for this and has great integration with Facebook.

How To Promote An Event On Facebook – The Best Way

Promoting events on Facebook is a powerful tool and can really extend the reach of events you create if done correctly. If you need to know how to promote an event on Facebook, the tips above should point you in the right direction. If you’re unclear about anything, you can always try to contact Facebook.

We really pride ourselves on being the best source for expert Facebook help. If you need more Facebook info, just get in touch.

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